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Welcome to Child and Family Psychiatry, where we use best practices in medication management and psychotherapy to treat children, adolescents, and adults. We provide treatment through a careful understanding of the families, communities, and the systems that shape your lives. Cultural sensitivity and empathic listening are cornerstones of our work, and we work collaboratively with you to understand your priorities, values, and treatment goals.

Meet The Team


Chaim Szachtel, MD 

We begin with a thorough evaluation where we get to know who you are and what has brought you to treatment. Our evaluations include an assessment of the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to your current symptoms and difficulties. Then, together, we develop a treatment plan that may include medications or psychotherapy, or both. Our treatment recommendations are tailored to your specific needs and situation, and are highly respectful of personal preferences and values.


We provide supportive, attachment-based, dynamically informed psychotherapy and often work in partnership with outside psychotherapists to augment treatment with psychiatric medications. 

In our work with children and adolescents, we believe that engaging the child, the family, and the school or pediatrician (if appropriate) is important to provide integrated and holistic care. We help families understand their children’s difficulties and help children and adolescents improve their coping skills and ability to function in their environments. As with our adult patients, we use a developmentally-sensitive and collaborative approach.


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